Mailing Address: 1016 Broadway Street, Marble Falls, Texas 78654
Marble Falls Center: 1016 Broadway Street, Marble Falls, Texas 78654
Kingsland Center: 106 Cottonwood Drive, Unit C, Kingsland, Texas 78639

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Marble Falls Center: 1016 Broadway Street, Marble Falls, TX 78654

Kingsland Center: 106 Cottonwood Dr Unit C, Kingsland, TX 78639

Mailing Address: 1016 Broadway Street, Marble Falls, TX 78654


340-800You might think “I could never give my baby away.” The truth is adoption isn’t giving your baby away. Adoption is giving your baby a life, a stable family, and a future. No matter how far along you are, an unplanned pregnancy may make you feel like you are stuck. However, the truth is you always have options. The choices you make today will affect your child’s future as well as your own. Women choosing adoption play an active part in every step of the adoption process. You can customize your child’s adoption plan.

  • You can choose your child’s parents. There are families of all races ready to adopt.
  • You can email, talk to, text with or even meet the adoptive parents before your baby is born.
  • You decide how things go at the hospital. You can see and hold your baby. You can even name your baby!
  • You may even get help with your expenses like rent, utilities, medical, and transportation.
  • You can choose to have ongoing contact with your child and the adoptive parents after adoption, including photos, phone calls, emails, texts and even visits.
  • You can make plans for your future and be proud that you gave your baby the life you wanted her to have.
  • You may even qualify for a Birth Mother Scholarship!

“I never thought of choosing adoption as a way of giving my baby something. It seemed like I’d just be losing my child. But knowing there are families who would treat me like extended family, wow! I can always be a part of my child’s life. I can’t believe I almost missed the opportunity to give my baby this life.” – Lauryn, Client

Adoption Services:

call: 530-271-1740
24 hour hotline: 1-800-923-6784
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